Thursday, 11 April 2013

A thousand teachers needed:

The response of the Secretary of State for Education to the now famous letter from 100 academics expressing concern about the proposed new national curriculum was that this could be discounted because it came from 'academics in ivory towers' who were out of touch with the real world of the classroom!

Debra Kidd, a secondary school teacher with links to Manchester Metropolitan University, determined to oppose this claim, has taken the initiative of circulating a letter to other teachers in schools. I commend it to you. The letter is on her blog:

Responses in support have already passed 500 but she would like this to move quickly to 1000 since she has an interview with the Guardian tomorrow (Friday) and a discussion panel at the House of Commons on Monday. To have a thousand teachers supporting the hundred 'academics' would be great!

The procedure is for people to email Debra ( or put a note in the comments slot at the bottom of her blog. Debra is collating name, role and sector though not the name of the school. 

Please can you forward this information to school teachers you know, as soon as possible.

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