Friday, 28 May 2010

Fourth edition on its way and off my hands

Well, it's a lovely feeling when you have done the very last thing you have to do get a book published! In the case of Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers, 4th edition that was compiling the detailed index. That's a big job for a book with over 400 pages – it has taken me most of a week to get it done. At 1.30 pm today I sent it off and now there's nothing else for me to do with the book, until the advance copy of the book arrives in the post! All being well the book should be published and available some time in July.

Now I have to do the second check of the page proofs for the accompanying Student Workbook – fortunately there's no index required for that, so I should be saying goodbye to that book in a couple of days. Then, I have to complete the website materials ... Christina asked me the other day whether there would ever be a day when its actually all finished! Sometimes, I wonder.

Meanwhile, an email arrived today from Marianne Lagrange at Sage Publications with a suggestion for another book. Looks interesting ...

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