Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Discount problem

Seeing a 20% reduction in the usual price of £10.99 for a pack of Scotts Lawn Builder in my local garden centre I was overtaken by a moment of untypical enthusiasm to do something about the state of the fading green patch in the middle of our small plot. With an additional 10% discount for having a membership card, I was well on track for a bargain here!

Unfortunately the 20% reduction had not been entered into the system and my 10% membership reduction was applied to the full price of £10.99. Because I had purchased some other items as well, I did not immediately spot this and paid what they asked.

When I looked at my receipt, I saw the error and drew it to the attention of the garden centre staff. They checked and agreed that an error had occurred.

While the queue behind me grew longer and longer the cashier struggled to work out my refund. The problem proved to be beyond the smartness of their computerised system and the mathematical ability of the cashier. In the end they gave me a refund of £1.10, which I accepted meekly, knowing that this could not possibly be right!

What refund should I have received? More than that? Less than that?

Ironically, several weeks later the pack remains unopened in my garden shed and the lawn looks as bad as ever.

The solution will appear on this blog in about a week or so.

I can't promise when the lawn will be treated.

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