Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013

A happy 2013 to anyone who might be reading this.

How do you know immediately that 2013 is not a prime number?
And how many factors does 2013 have?
What was interesting about 8:12 pm on the 20th December last year and 8:11 pm on 20th November the previous year, that will not happen in 2013?

The coming year will be an exciting one in terms of Haylock publications. The new book I have written with the help of Paul Warburton, Mathematics Explained for Healthcare Practitioners, was sent off for printing just before Christmas, so we expect to have copies of the actual book arriving some time this month. (See http://www.uk.sagepub.com/books/Book237689) Then a new edition of Haylock and Cockburn, Understanding Mathematics for Young Children, is close to completion: just a bit of checking of the page proofs and then the index to do, and that will be off to the printers as well. This book should be available some time in March this year, if all goes according to plan. (See http://www.uk.sagepub.com/books/Book237964)

And then, with Michael Gove's new primary mathematics curriculum about to appear, later in the year I shall have to give some thought to yet another revision of Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers, to ensure that it is up to date for trainees beginning their courses in 2014! Now, let me see if I can remember how to do long division ...

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