Monday, 30 April 2012

I'm back again

Well, after a long period of abstinence from my blogging, here I am again!
If you are thinking, that must mean he's finished the book, you're right! Today my commissioning editor at Sage Publications received the 82,000 words that comprise the newly-written book.
It is a book I have written with a co-author from Edge Hill University, Paul Warburton, who works in nursing education there.  The title is Mathematics Explained for Healthcare Practitioners.
We were invited to write this by Susan Worsey at Sage, who identified us as two people who could combine to write a book she is keen to have on her list. It has been an interesting experience for Paul and me, each one having limited knowledge of the other's field!
The book is structured around mathematical ideas, using healthcare context examples to illustrate these. Paul has supplied all the healthcare examples and I have woven them into the chapters. It purports to be different from any other book on the market, because of the major part played in its writing by a mathematics educator. The existing 'numeracy for nurses' books tend to focus on teaching rules for various healthcare tasks involving any kind of calculation; this one focuses on promoting mathematical understanding, building up confidence with numbers, and encouraging flexible, mental approaches to calculations.
Now begins the long haul from here to publication: dealing with comments from reviewers, the production manager, copy editors, checking and amending galley-proofs, responding to proof-readers, doing the index (a real chore!), and eventually the thrill of receiving the published book.

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