Saturday, 30 June 2012

Copy editors

What a wonderful and admirable person is a good copy editor!
I have just had the copy editors' feedback on our manuscript for the next book, Mathematics Explained for Healthcare Practitioners (Haylock and Warburton). Thank you, Rosemary!
This is always an exciting moment, because it means the production process is definitely underway. 
It is also an embarrassing one, because a good copy editor finds all the gaffes you made in spite of all your re-reading and checking of the manuscript. I have to confess to: a couple of arithmetical slips (but I claim them as typos); one glaring error, writing 2 milligrams instead of 2 grams; one totally unintelligible sentence; and an incorrect solution to one of the exercises (which happened because of a late amendment to the question).
This is why I love my copy editors! However embarrassing this process might be, it's nothing like as awful as finding an error like this turning up in the published book.
Incidentally, publishers continue to refer to the computer-generated document that we send them as a 'manuscript', which, as all Latin scholars will know, means 'hand-written'.

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