Sunday, 28 March 2010

News of 4th edition of Mathematics Explained

You may have seen from the advance publicity ( that the fourth edition of my book Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers is due out later this year.

Everything is going according to schedule! The new primary national curriculum, statutory from September 2011, ( was published at the end of November 2009. I then had two months to get the new edition finalised, to ensure that it matched the new curriculum and reflected its emphases appropriately. This involved writing some new material, including a couple of new chapters. I'll tell you about these in a later blog.

So, I sent off the new edition to my publisher, Sage Publications, on 31 January 2010, as promised. Remarkably, there were no queries from the copy editor! So the book is now with the 'typesetters' – they're still called that, curiously. I expect to see the page proofs on 6 April and I will then have three weeks to check them over. Experience suggests that the main problems at this stage are likely to be getting the figures right and on the appropriate pages.

All being well, it will then be all systems go. I hope to see the new book some time in July!

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